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  • Loan Accounts

    Cooper’s Cave FCU’s lending products feature affordable rates and generous terms. Compare our rates around town and you’ll see the credit union difference. All rates vary on credit worthiness of the applicant.

    • Secured Loan – DMV titled, up to 84 month term, pre-approval is available
    • Signature Loan – up to $8,000 line of credit
    • Overdraft Loan – up to $1,000 line of credit
    • Share Secured Loan – pay only 3% above share dividend rate
    • Home Loans - First Mortgages
    • Home Equity
    • Home Equity line of credit
    • Share Secured Loan – pay only 2% APR above share dividend rate

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  • Bill Payment System

    Bill Payment System

    Bill Pay offers you the ability to make payments online without giving your financial information to the creditor. You can set up all of your monthly bills to be paid automatically or on a one time basis. You control the amount, frequency and timing without writing out the checks. Best of all your account information is not shared with anyone!

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  • Share Draft Account (Checking)

    Share Draft Account (Checking)

    • We are proud to offer our members a totally FREE checking account.
    • No minimum balance required
    • No monthly service charge
    • No per check charge

    You may also take advantage of a VISA check card and overdraft protection.Visa Check Card and DebitPass (our re-loadable Mastercard) Our Visa Check Card and DebitPass Mastercard allow you to access your account anywhere in the world. TellerLine (Your Touch-Tone Teller) With TellerLine, you have access to your credit union accounts 7 days a week from anywhere at anytime. By using a touch-tone phone, your account number and a special Personal Identification Number (P.I.N.) you can get account information and make transfers.

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  • Term Share Account(CD)

    Term Share Account(CD)

    Invest in a 6, 12 or 24 month CD and earn our highest dividend rate.

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  • Money Market Account

    Money Market Account

    Our Money Market Account is a share account that receives a higher dividend rate than shares but with withdrawal restrictions of three per month. The Money Market Account is tiered with specific rates and yields for each tier.

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Our Supervisory Committee

For questions or comments, contact us at:

Cooper’s Cave Federal Credit Union
Supervisory Committee
PO Box 462
Glens Falls, NY 12801

Please do not enclose money or withdrawal requests.

Contact by Email

E-mail should be used for general information only. Please do not include any confidential information including account numbers or social security numbers.

Recent Fraud Alerts

  • A Letter from Home Depot

    9/23/2014 - As you may have heard, on September 8, 2014, we confirmed that our payment data systems have been breached, which could potentially impact customers using payment cards at our U.S. and Canadian stores. On September 18, 2014, we confirmed that the malware used in the breach has been eliminated from our U.S. and Canadian stores and that we have completed a major payment security project that provides enhanced encryption of payment data at point of sale throughout our U.S. stores, offering significant new protection for customers.

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  • Home Depot has experienced unauthorized access

    09/10/14 - Cooper’s Cave FCU has received information that Home Depot has experienced unauthorized access to its systems resulting in the compromise of over 60 million credit and debit card information used at its “brick and mortar” stores from April 11 through September 7, 2014. There is no evidence that online purchases were affected by this data breach.

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  • Kmart Confirms Malware Based Data Breach

    10/21/14 - Kmart has confirmed that it’s point of sale registers were compromised by malicious software (malware) between September 3rd and October 8, 2014. The retailer says that purchases made at Kmart.com were not affected by this breach.

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  • Risk Alert - Automated Phone Call Scam Resurfaces

    A credit union recently reported receiving hundreds of calls from members and nonmembers saying they received a phone call (automated calls) on their landline or cell phone with an automated message indicating their account

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  • SCAM ALERT: Calls for card info not from NAFCU

    May 29, 2012 – NAFCU has learned that someone claiming to be from the association is calling consumers, telling them their debit cards have been compromised and asking them to verify the correct information. Don't fall victim to this scam.

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